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Exodus 12 – The God of Reparations (Pastor Dennis Allan)

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Pastor Dennis Allan continues our series on the Old Testament book, Exodus. In Exodus 12:35-36 God plunders the Egyptian people who turn over their financial and material wealth to the Israelite people as they leave Egypt. It’s a staggering redistribution of wealth to a people group who had been oppressed and enslaved for hundreds of years. These verses create the framework for our conversation that starts in Exodus and then moves to Leviticus, Ezra, and the Gospel of Luke, all focused on the biblical and theological concept of reparations, which is the work of restoring that which has been broken and returning that which has been stolen.

*Note: Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson’s work, Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair, as well as Duke Kwon’s talk, “Race Reparations” at the 2018 Q Conference were resources used in the researching of this sermon and we commend them to you.