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It’s Always Been Jesus

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This week Pastor Dennis Allan talked through Acts 13:13-52, the story of Paul and Barnabas proclaiming the Gospel in Pisidian Antioch. Pisidian Antioch was a military city with nationalist tendencies and dependent on the emperor. The most impressive structure in the city was the Temple of Augustus, otherwise known as the Imperial Sanctuary. When Paul preaches the Gospel he uses specific language, like “savior,” “good news,” and “son of god,” all language used to describe the emperor. But, Paul ascribes it to Jesus. According to Paul, Jesus is the one Savior, the true Good News, and the only Son of God. By revealing the emperor to be empty of power, Paul names identifies the way the people of Pisidian Antioch have built their lives on sand, not rock. It’s an invitation for us to allow the Gospel to reveal the ways we’ve done the same.