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It’s Okay to Doubt

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This week, Carrie Buckner walks through Acts 17:10-15 (NIV). In these six verses Paul and Silas arrive in Berea where they visit the Jewish synagogue and reason from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah. Luke, the author of Acts, makes it clear the Berean Jews receive Paul’s message with open minds and eager hearts, ready to examine the Scriptures to see if what Paul claims about Jesus is true. It’s a stark contrast to the Jews in Thessalonica who hear Paul’s Gospel and start a riot (Acts 17:1-9 NIV). The Berean Jews were willing to doubt their own beliefs and reexamine their Scriptures in light of Paul’s Gospel proclamation. What if we, too, were free to doubt trusting that on the other side of our doubts we might find a stronger, more vibrant faith?